...od lat wędrówka po sawannach i buszu, fascynacja wolnymi i dzikimi gepardami . Bezkrwawe polowania na geparda stały się pretekstem do pokazania najciekawszych zakątków Afryki oraz dzikich zwierząt sawann i buszu. STOP DLA ZABIJANIA DZIKICH ZWIERZĄT !!!
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17 Meridian Lower Silesia Travellers' Festival !


Let’s give the floor to the last lecturers of the 17 Meridian festival, namely to Alicja and Tomasz Woźniak, who want us to live their “African dream: In the tracks of the cheetah”.

We encourage you to take a journey to Africa presented in a less conventional fashion. For the last 12 years, we have been tracking wild and free cheetahs. So far, we have travelled across Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. At the beginning of our great African adventure (in the years 1987-1989), the number of cheetahs was around 11 000. Current statistics are not that positive – there are presently only about 7 100 cheetahs in the wild. Today, we would like to give you a smattering of the African grass lands and savannahs in the form of a presentation illustrated with slides and clips. The farther from people, the better. Searching for cheetahs and other animal inhabitants, including elephants, lions and leopards, makes it possible to explore the most breathtaking places of Africa.

We wish to visualise the family life of desert elephants living in Namibia as well as our personal encounters with lions during the hike to Maasai Mara in South Africa. We’re going to spend the night at the waterhole of Etosha, watching black rhinos and listening to the morning sounds of the savannah. Also, we’ll experience the attack of elephants in the African bush. Apart from the epic scenery we’ll let you discover the darker side of human nature in the context of the so-called “canned hunting”. But this is not the end. We are going to say a few words about the famous “cheetah mother” Dr. L. Marker. Additionally, you’ll see the most popular cheetah of the Maasai Mara reserve named Malajka (meaning “angel” in suahili) from the BBC TV series THE HUNT (produced with our own participation). If time allows, we’ll display the trailer of the feature film MALAIKA created by Matto Barfuss that is coming out in September 2017.

Alicja and Tomasz Woźniak began their exotic adventure with several tramping excursions to Turkey, Syria, China, North and South Korea. Their subsequent great destinations included Mexico, Algeria and Morocco being the starting point for their fascination with Africa. They admit “they have already found their place in the world, that is Africa”.

In 1989, the two passionate Polish travellers hitchhiked across Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Unexpectedly, they made a return to the same locations in 2005, claiming that their fascination is ever-lasting. Alicja and Tomek are devoted African cheetah ambassadors in Poland, who offer financial support to the Cheetah Conservation Fund (https://cheetah.org/) in Otijiwarongo (Namibia) as well as to the organization Save The Elephant (http://www.savetheelephants.org/) monitoring the secret life of Samburu elephants (Northern Kenya). They eagerly promote the protection of wild nature, including in particular our animal soul mates. As they state, “let’s hurry to see animals - they leave our planet so quickly.”















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